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Boxing: Get Addicted to this Workout This Year

The original article is from AskMen. The original author is Cara Sprunk. With January comes resolutions to get stronger and fitter in the new year, but it’s always a challenge to stick to these goals. You come up with excuses, lose interest, or what you tried sticking to just isn’t giving you the results you want, so you quit. It’s time to figure out a new plan, a new workout that you actually consistent with.  Enter boxing. It’s the workout loved by many, from the strongest men to Victoria’s Secret models. (Disclaimer: We aren’t promising any Angels in the ring with you. Sorry). But why? Why is this workout so popular in a world where you have seemingly endless choices (looking at...

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186-Pound Weight Transformation: It All Started With a Bet

Angel Diaz can’t recall a time in his life when he was an average size. The 32-year-old Texan has always been big, but after getting married and having two children, his diet took a downward turn, causing him to hit his heaviest weight of 405 pounds. But thanks to a push from friends, Diaz achieved an 186-pound weight loss transformation in little more than a year—and he’s not looking back. Read more at

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How to Roast a Big Hunk of Meat

It’s very, very easy to get overwhelmed when hosting a party. Every food website under the sun is yelling about Duck a l’Orange and Malbec-braised lamb and who knows what else. Don’t overthink it! All you need to make your people happy is a starch, some sort of vegetable, and a big hunk of roasted meat. And dessert! But you can buy the dessert from somewhere. And, okay, a big hunk of meat can be intimidating, sure. But it’s really not that complicated: Roasting is basically three steps. Season, roast, rest. Are there fancier ways to do this? Yes. Are there entire books written on the subject roasting meat? Sure. But if you just want to get it done so...

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